Sunday, 27 March 2011

Good Old British Weather!

It is a well known fact that the British rely on the weather as the backbone of many of their conversations. Think about it, it's the best way to break the ice with a stranger, and it's a good way to make small talk with someone you sort of know. Without the daily  mélange of sunshine, sleet, snow and showers British conversation would practically be dead.

This is why this morning, I was getting ready for church and was totally lost as to what to clothe myself in. In the morning it was gloomy and grey and the clouds in the sky looked as if they were about to burst wide open at any minute.

So I opted for this outfit...

Sorry about the chipped nail polish!

Skirt - Dorothy Perkins
Cami - H&M
Brooches - Evans
Scarf - Primark
Ring - Primark
Bracelet - Primark

Jacket - Primark
You see, I knew that this weather would fool me and change things up later on, which is why I didn't wrap up too much. 

I love love love my maxi skirt. It's a simple way to chic up your look. Also it's handy if you want to cover your legs without wearing trousers or tights. I added the scarf, to cover up the cleavage (as I was going to church...), and the brooches to make the blazer look a bit interesting, as I wear it practically all the time!

Anyway ladies have yourself a great week, pack your brolly, your shades, your scarf and your sun lotion, and enjoy the good old British weather, or whatever weather you find yourself in!

Amusez vouz bien

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Welcome to My World!

Hello world!

After months of umming and aahing and turning it over and under in my mind, I have finally taken the big FAT step.Welcome to J'adore Plus More. There is a huge selection of  fashion blogs out there, and I didn't just want to be yet another one. I want to be...different. The idea of starting a "fatshion blog" was first conceived in High Street Kensington underground station. I was with my girl Domzy (check out her amazing make up and beauty blog, Lashes and Pearls!), we were on our way to a networking event, on the escalators when she suggested, "why don't you start a fashion blog?".
"Who, me?", was my first response. You see, I wouldn't describe myself as particularly fashionable, but being the good friend that she is, she gave me the 'gentle' push I needed.
"It's not about fashion, it's about having your own style"...mmm, she has a point you know.

A couple of weeks later, I was in Paris, where I had the time, and the right mental balance to ponder over and nurse the idea, and voila! J'adore Plus More was born!

So what do I intend to do with J'adore Plus More? I will like to share with my "fatshionistas" the little I know about dressing well for our size. It will also contain general notes of the world through a big girl's eyes. Anyone who is a size 16 and above in this country  has probably experienced the horror of trekking the whole length of Oxford Street, and not finding a single thing that fits, and the things that do fit usually come with a hefty price tag to go with the heft waist line! I do not claim to be any sort of expert, but I would however just like to share the little I know and have a good time with it in the process!.

But before we get to the fun stuff, let me introduce myself.  My name is Madeline Asala, I'm a 23 year old Londoner, and a UK size 16/18 of Ghanaian descent. I wouldn't describe myself as an extrovert, but I definitely like to express myself - sometimes through words, sometimes through the clothes I wear.

So, embark on this journey with me ladies, and let's have fun with it. Amusez vous bien!

Cardigan - New Look
T-Shirt - Small souvenirs shop in Paris
Jeggings - Primark
Bracelet - Primark
Brogues - Primark