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J'adore Plus More is actually my brain child that spawned from a trip to Paris in 2011. It was a short trip lasting just under a week, and I had actually visited Paris a few times before. But going with my bestie for her birthday, made it all the more special the point where I was able to enjoy the sights and places like the Chocomusée and l'Arc du Triomphe. We also visited not so touristic places such as St. Denis (Parisians will no what I mean!) Shopping, sight seeing, relaxing and generally enjoying the silliness of life made me say to myself, "La vie, je l'adore!".  (OK not exactly like that, but I guess you catch my drift, right?) But it's definitely where I got the name from - J'adore Plus More is not exactly grammatical, but it has a ring to it, n'est pas?

This blog was initially set up to focus on  fashion, as that week in Paris was my first full week in absolutely ages I was afforded the opportunity to play around with clothes (on most days you'll find me in a dowdy grey uniform, due to my job), which I loved. Besides, I am a firm believer that everyone should make an effort with themselves, when they step out. After all it is your physical appearance which will introduce the rest of you to the world, right?

However, once I had left Paris, with my feet firmly set on UK soil, I realised that wearing a grey uniform most of the time would act as a great hindrance to any fashion blog. I then decided to expand J'adore's focus on food, news, make up, books, film and general lifestyle and musings. Therefore whatever things are colourful, whatever things are stylish, whatever things are positive, whatever things are fierce, whatever things are beautiful, if it is worth writing about, J'adore Plus More will focus on these things!

So, I do hope you enjoy reading.

Amusez vous Bien



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