Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Power Thoughts

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

In Case You Were Wondering...

In case you were wondering...

For the full story, please visit Sight Seeing in the City

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Happy Ghana Independence!

Happy Birthday Ghana! Yes today, I am celebrating my roots. Ghana is 56 today! Here is a small reminder of what took place some 56 years ago.

 The country has come a long way. Ghana has proved to everybody that peace and democracy is possible in Africa, and that it is possible for an African economy to grow!

However did you know that at the time of independence, Ghana was richer than she is today? At the time Ghana was richer in terms of GDP than South Korea, and most other Asian countries. Today South Korea's economy is much bigger than Ghana's. According to the IMF's list of countries by GDP per capita , South Korea ranks 34, whereas Ghana ranks 135! It is not my intention to dampen the jubilant atmosphere, but to motivate and encourage Ghanaians at home and abroad to do what they can to improve Motherland Ghana.

One of my favourite bloggers, Nana Kofi Acquah, could not have expressed it better here:

Stop Sucking Your Thumb and Grow Up 

Anyway, I hope I have provoked a bit of thought from you. Please enjoy your independence parties this weekend. Have fun, and look sharp! But by all means, stay safe!

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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Sight Seeing in the City!

Hello Readers!

Before I start lets all bow our heads in gratitude for the bitter cold relenting...

...With that out of the way, are there any pretty, or unusual sights that you have seen while out and about lately? A bit of careful and considerate observation at the world around you, on the way home from work, or while out shopping might offer a few surprises next time.

This is what I saw on while casually driving on the way home from work, somewhere between Shoreditch and Aldgate.

Please excuse the shoddy photography. There's only so much you can achieve while stuck in traffic!

this photo of the whole wall was taken a day later

Now I don't remember the name of the road, It might be Great Eastern Street. But I found it quite interesting, so much so that I had to run to the Internet Café to post this ...yes still no connection at home :(
The wall is divided into four sections as you can see, and the whole thing reads A.G. I love you this much. Will you marry me? P.B. Wow, a marriage proposal?!! If it is, how sweet?! Let's hope the intended A.G. did actually see it, and that he/she and P.B. are now happily planning their nuptials.
If it is nothing more than fanciful artwork, it is still just as beautiful...Je l'adore!

This wall is actually adorned with cool art all year round, and I hope to be blogging more colourful and eye catching artwork from Shoreditch later.

Have a good week, and don't forget to keep your eyes peeled when you're out and about.

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Coming Soon...

What horrible weather we've seen here in London for the last couple of weeks! Bitter cold has gripped our city and has refused to let go :(  It seems the same misery that has plagued our weather seems to have attacked my internet connection too. That's right for the last week and a half I have not had internet at home, which explains the absence of blog posts. As I write this, in fact, I am sitting in an internet café on our high street.

Please bear with me though, hopefully this problem will be resolved. I have so much to share with y'all including fab pics from my recent trip to Amsterdam, book reviews, and general musings about life. Watch this space!

In the mean time, if you live anywhere near London, please wrap up warm.

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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Who Rocked it Better?

This is what Jill Scott and Amber Riley wore to the  4th Annual Essence Black Women in Music Event.

Photo credits:

Who do you think rocked it better? You choose.

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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Night Out in Camden Town

Helloooo blogsphere! Happy February. I am particularly happy because I submitted the last of my  assignments at uni last week. (Goodbye to sleeplessness, stress and deadlines!) I am writing this post from my hotel room in Amsterdam (a little treat to celebrate the end of post grad education!)

Before I divert too much from the main point of this post, I would like to share a little bit of what I have been up to. Last Tuesday, one of my girls invited me out to a small gig in a small pocket of North London. It was a little pub tucked away somewhere in Camden with a small space for performances called Barfly.

The headlining act was Jackie D. Williams.  Richard De Soussa Silva and Jay Alexzander,  (that's Alexzander with a 'z', we were reminded numerous times) who were his two opening acts and also graced the stage. The first act,Richard De Soussa Silva had us swaying with his soulful reggae fusion. His jazzed up rendition of LMFAO's Sexy and I Know It was almost unrecognizable. Jay Alexzander's (with a 'z') carried me away with his mastery for deep lyrics. His incredible sense of humour really did make me sit up and pay attention too.

 Richard De Soussa Silva

Alexzander with a 'z'

The man of the night, Jackie D. Williams did not disappoint. I first heard Mr. Williams when he opened for Daley back in December. His style can only be described as smooth acoustic. He's also skillful on the keyboard! He performed a selection of original tracks (sorry, I can't remember their names!). I almost lost it when he performed an Usher/ Kanye West & Rihanna mash-up.

Jackie D. Williams

It's hard to categorise these singers. However, if you enjoy acoustic music, soul, indie or reggae, I do recommend them. 

Money well spent!

I also recommend sparing a little time to explore your city (like I did by going out for the night in Camden, which is in the opposite end of London to where I live!);  and to discover a new hobby. (I might have found mine!)

Amusez Vous Bien!Madeline 


P.S. Here is a little treat

Monday, 7 January 2013

Walk the Runway...Comfortably!

Who has been lucky enough to go on holiday recently? What footwear carried you from your front door, to the airport, through baggage security and passport control, until you're finally seated and belted in safely, and that plane is surging down the runway?

Now that we are back in the full swing of things, I have had some time to sit back and observe life around me. As you know, I work in the travel industry, and in the last two and a half years, I have seen countless women struggle in very cute, but fierce (fierce on those poor toes and the ball of the feet!) shoes. I have seen  women whose outrageous heels have seen them resort to baby steps, meanwhile check-in is closing, and their train is ready to leave the platform. I have even seen women trip over on the concourse because their shoes just flat-out refuses to carry them anymore.

My point is, travelling is a great opportunity to look great (and there will be a post on this soon!) after all, you have a holiday to look forward to, you can forget the about all those bills for at least 2 weeks, and you will be topping up that tan!(If you need one). However, please do make sure you are comfortable ladies. It can be laborious, and you're usually very tired by the time you get to your destination. Happy Travelling!

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Friday, 4 January 2013

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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day, It's a New Life...

Happy new year all! I hope you all ushered in the new year in style. Now that you've all slept off the hard partying/ recovered from your hangovers, I wonder if you have thought about the things you want for yourself this year. I'm not just talking about the usual resolutions that speak of losing weight or quitting smoking, but I'm getting at the personal goals that will contribute towards your self development.

I guess I feel so strongly that way because I feel I lost myself somewhere in 2012. (You might have guessed with the lack of blog posts!) I spent last year studying my masters, and I guess by immersing myself in my work, I forgot about taking time out to enjoy myself or even pausing to take in, and appreciate the beauty of life - so I hardly went out, I stopped blogging, was ill every six weeks, didn't go on holiday, didn't have much time for church, and I even saw people who had joined my company after I did get promoted and leave me behind. The result: fatigue, negativity, and uncertainty about life. Last week, I sat down with a notepad and pencil  and tried to take stock of special moments/ achievements of the year, and I was saddened when I couldn't think of any.

However, last night at church, I was messing around with my phone. and came across some notes I had typed into to it around 6 weeks ago. It went something like this:

What Have I achieved in 2012 ?
1. Maintained my position as a youth leader at church
2.Kept my job
3. Financially better off
4.  Successfully organised youth weekend at church
5.Kept my car
6. No accidents
7. Managed to stick to the two weeks prayer and fasting at church (which by the way I have never done!)
8. Distinction in my first semester at uni
9. Mum graduated (woop woop!)

There were a few more (but they are kind of personal!) Anyway I don't want to keep you for any longer, but I want to leave you with this: Congratulations to you if you managed to achieve your big dreams in 2012, and more grease to your elbow for 2013! If not, don't worry. I suggest you get a pen and paper, and think hard about every little thing, as insignificant as it might be, that you experienced, or  completed successfully, last year. For all the painful moments, congratulate yourself for getting through it, and think of one thing that moment may have taught you about yourself. You might also want to write down all the things you would like to do in 2013. Keep your list where you can see it everyday, and pray to God about it daily. Trust me, it will motivate you.

For me, one of my aims in 2013 is to concentrate more on J'adorePlusMore. (I will update you on the others in due time) As my readers, you certainly deserve more than sporadic posts every six months. Apart from beautiful style, I also hope to blog more about make up & beauty, mouth watering recipes, funny musings, and inspirational messages that will uplift you and have you loving yourself more.

Let's raise a glass to 2013!

Amusez Vous Bien!