Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Night Out in Camden Town

Helloooo blogsphere! Happy February. I am particularly happy because I submitted the last of my  assignments at uni last week. (Goodbye to sleeplessness, stress and deadlines!) I am writing this post from my hotel room in Amsterdam (a little treat to celebrate the end of post grad education!)

Before I divert too much from the main point of this post, I would like to share a little bit of what I have been up to. Last Tuesday, one of my girls invited me out to a small gig in a small pocket of North London. It was a little pub tucked away somewhere in Camden with a small space for performances called Barfly.

The headlining act was Jackie D. Williams.  Richard De Soussa Silva and Jay Alexzander,  (that's Alexzander with a 'z', we were reminded numerous times) who were his two opening acts and also graced the stage. The first act,Richard De Soussa Silva had us swaying with his soulful reggae fusion. His jazzed up rendition of LMFAO's Sexy and I Know It was almost unrecognizable. Jay Alexzander's (with a 'z') carried me away with his mastery for deep lyrics. His incredible sense of humour really did make me sit up and pay attention too.

 Richard De Soussa Silva

Alexzander with a 'z'

The man of the night, Jackie D. Williams did not disappoint. I first heard Mr. Williams when he opened for Daley back in December. His style can only be described as smooth acoustic. He's also skillful on the keyboard! He performed a selection of original tracks (sorry, I can't remember their names!). I almost lost it when he performed an Usher/ Kanye West & Rihanna mash-up.

Jackie D. Williams

It's hard to categorise these singers. However, if you enjoy acoustic music, soul, indie or reggae, I do recommend them. 

Money well spent!

I also recommend sparing a little time to explore your city (like I did by going out for the night in Camden, which is in the opposite end of London to where I live!);  and to discover a new hobby. (I might have found mine!)

Amusez Vous Bien!Madeline 


P.S. Here is a little treat

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