Thursday, 28 February 2013

Sight Seeing in the City!

Hello Readers!

Before I start lets all bow our heads in gratitude for the bitter cold relenting...

...With that out of the way, are there any pretty, or unusual sights that you have seen while out and about lately? A bit of careful and considerate observation at the world around you, on the way home from work, or while out shopping might offer a few surprises next time.

This is what I saw on while casually driving on the way home from work, somewhere between Shoreditch and Aldgate.

Please excuse the shoddy photography. There's only so much you can achieve while stuck in traffic!

this photo of the whole wall was taken a day later

Now I don't remember the name of the road, It might be Great Eastern Street. But I found it quite interesting, so much so that I had to run to the Internet Café to post this ...yes still no connection at home :(
The wall is divided into four sections as you can see, and the whole thing reads A.G. I love you this much. Will you marry me? P.B. Wow, a marriage proposal?!! If it is, how sweet?! Let's hope the intended A.G. did actually see it, and that he/she and P.B. are now happily planning their nuptials.
If it is nothing more than fanciful artwork, it is still just as beautiful...Je l'adore!

This wall is actually adorned with cool art all year round, and I hope to be blogging more colourful and eye catching artwork from Shoreditch later.

Have a good week, and don't forget to keep your eyes peeled when you're out and about.

Amusez Vous Bien



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