Tuesday, 12 April 2011

J'adore...Beauty UK Glam Nails

Hi guys! It has been a while hasn't it? Please forgive me. This blog is still in its birthing stage, and I am not really getting off to a good start, am I? Well, I promise to change my ways and feed you with more regular posts.

For the past week or so, London town has been drenched in glorious sunshine, and people are shedding their morose blacks and greys and exchanging them for bright colours, cute jackets and sun shades.All the while, my job has left me at the mercy of a bland grey uniform. Oh how I hate uniform! (But that's for another post). I have found that the only way to brighten up a morbid uniform, where accessories is forbidden,  is with make up.

This is where I introduce you to the very first of my J'adore... posts - a feature where I invite you to the products and clothes I love the most. So ladies, I present to you Beauty UK Glam Nails in Soft Grey.

I normally love wearing bright reds and pinks on my nails, but on my first day at my job when I was told I could not wear bright nail polish, I knew I had to find an alternative. I find the colour goes well with dark skin, as it stands out more. I also love the same brand in Smokey Lilac. And with a lick of top coat it lasts around a week before it starts peeling. Be careful though, it starts to look a bit dull after a few days!

You can buy Beauty UK Glam Nails from Superdrug. I can't remember the price exactly but I know it costs under £2, so it's definitely a bargain, and a good investment for the summer.

I am now looking for other subtle colours that will blend with my uniform. Any suggestions? Please let me know.

Amusez Vous Bien



  1. Yay for a post! I also love soft grey and I have a few Beauty UK polishes. My absolute favourite has to be Smokey Lilac though. Give Peach Melba a go as well if you're looking for something subtle.

  2. Hi Domzy! My one and only! I just trie the Peach Melba. It's absoloutely beautiful! Do you have any other suggestions?

  3. I would defo agree to what Domzy stated about Peach Melba or you could try Cotton Candy. Have a look at the website BeautyUKCosmetics or perhaps look at other brands such as barry m again with a wide variety of colours and some subtle shades under £5. Barry M usually has good offers in Boots and Superdrug so have a look too.

    Also check my blog out @HotHappenings

  4. Hi Annette. Welcome to J'adore Plus More. I will have a look for Cotton Candy. Barry M do some real nice subtle colours. I don't own any Barry M products, but I always nick my sister's! Thank you for commenting. I'm on my way to HotHappenings.


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