Sunday, 12 June 2011

Digging Deep!

Have you come across a something in your wardrobe lately that you haven't seen in such a mighty long time, that you forgot you had it? 

Around a week ago, the glorious weather in London was a far cry from the damp, dark grey clouds and rain that has now decided to torment our summer months. I was on my way out, and thought I would set myself the challenge of wearing something I haven't worn  in a while.

I actually surprised myself and manged to create an outfit with a top I bought from Great Universal  when I was 18! According to my calculations, that makes almost six years since this one shoulder jersey top has been hibernating in my wardrobe.

Top - (formerly Great Universal)
Jacket - Primark
Skirt - Peacocks

Creating new outfits from old clothes helps to save money and also exercises your creativity. This might have been the reason why I decided to wear these shoes instead of flip flops (which would have been the obvious choice for me)

Shoes - Primark

Bangles - Primark, Oasis

Ring - Evans
We all have old pieces that have been sleeping in the back of our closets. You may have even thought about getting rid of them. Ladies, this week why not set yourself the challenge and dig deep?

Amusez Vous Bien




  1. Madgerin! love it< I'm well jel of you and Sankofa, what can I blog about?

  2. Hi Friday's Afro. Thank you for following and for commenting! You usually have loads to say so don't get mad, get blogging! By the way, you're a little trend setter yourself. Do you fancy featuring on j'adoreplusmore?

  3. This blog is so inspiring. I tell you why, lately due to lack of funds I am forced to look deep into my wardrope and boy have I come across some old clothes bought over ten years ago (luckily my wait has not changed much) but as fashion goes, they have come back in fashion and the good thing also is now people are allowed to be creative, unique and be individuals. Never in my life have I enjoyed my old clothes so much and I am finding something new everyday and rediscovering myself each time. I am mixing and matching western with African print cloths and I am loving it. I wish I am technical enough to show you a few pictures but hopefully soon I'll get there. Keep inspiring Madeline x Patience P

  4. Exactly Auntie P! In these days of tightening our belts, we will all need to get creative! Digging deep is the way, and mixing African with Western clothing is so much fun!


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